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We Are A Rock Band


Drawing Bored is a collective group of 4 musicians set out to rock and make music that is as exciting as it is diverse. Disinterested in any type of categorizing or specific rock genre, we make music because we love to do it.

Our music touches upon the topics such as the duplicity in our everyday life and we approach the content in a way to have the listener see more than just what's in front of their face. The constructs of our songs are given like masks, falling as the listener deciphers and discerns the differing points of view for each topic.

We feel this gives the listener free will to make their assumption for each the topic as they see fit.


Using the right sounds to bring out the intended mood in our music to fit each theme, the main idea of the content is that there is always gray in situations, it is never all black or white. Sometimes we tell ourselves the things we want to hear in order to move forward and that is what our message is. Whether we are grinding away in torturous angst from distorted bass and guitars, to clean and wispy synths and guitars along with our lead vocalist's dulcet and powerful voice to drive the message forward, we are careful to make sure that the topic comes through in each song so that each piece has its own backbone, heart and story. 
The simplest of truths, is that what we want is to be able to share with others what we feel expresses our tastes, our loves, our disgust and our unique views on life.


We are united in one indistinguishable fact: we are a rock band.

“We're just four musicians doing what we love. Our goal is to create a fusion of sounds with our diverse influences and bring some refreshing new music to South Florida and everywhere else.”


Band Members:


The blueprint for the band is a mix of:

Laura Silver's dulcet yet robust and roaring voice,

Ralph Arana's bi-polar guitar riffing,

Sebastian Leon's galloping growling basslines and ever evolving keys

Cesar Moreno's hard-hitting drum beats.